Kramp Hub is proud to be building products that enable our partners to have a competitive edge in the e-commerce agtech industry. By anticipating customers’ needs, we’re helping them to stay future-proof in the ever-changing technological environment, creating products that the customers can use while they are on the go. Our team is working on e-commerce solutions serving different business models and we are currently dedicated to giving the agtech industry the technological boost that it deserves.

To provide the impeccable platform experience that we envisioned, any existing product on the market just couldn’t do the trick. Not to settle for the second best – we decided to do the job ourselves. We are a fairly small, yet compact and agile team, with experts in their respectable fields, that focus their knowledge into two directions – creating simple solutions to complex problems, and sharing this knowledge across the team without reserve. This great talent comes together in a melting pot of people from 14 different countries, challenging each other daily with opposing ideas and diverse opinions. 

To ensure a good work-life balance we are free to plan our 40-hours work week for our own convenience keeping in mind that software development is a team game and we need to keep in close touch with each other. The biggest goal of Kramp Hub as an employer is to provide a healthy and inspirational environment, which enables our teammates to grow and learn day by day.


A glance at our current projects


Kramp Group is Europe's largest specialist in spare parts and accessories for the agricultural industry.

Kramp APP

The Kramp App puts new product recognition technology at your fingertips.


Maykers is an online platform that facilitates smart connections between farmers and their partners to make the business of farming successful.


Kramp Hub is there to create solutions that will give the agtech industry a push in the data-driven and customer-centric direction. This goal is only reachable when every team knows the ins and outs of the product, and when the working atmosphere encourages trial and error, educated guesses, and following the road not taken. Our teams are organized around the functional e-commerce domains they work on. Every team has a direct, visible impact on the product. The teams are self-organizing units, deciding on what working approach functions best for them – this is why the teams can truly embody the ‘Build it, own it, love it” approach.




Last year we launched our image recognition mobile application and we are proud to share that it has won 5 awards across different categories so far: golden International Customer Experience award for Best Use of Mobile category, golden Dutch Interactive Award in B2B Commerce category, silver FIMA award for technical innovation in agricultural management solutions category, silver Spin award in eCommerce category and silver Lovie award in Utilities & Services category for mobile!

The image recognition functionality runs on the machine learning model we created and it gives us great pleasure to know how it has improved the experience on our platform. This product is a joint effort by Kramp Hub’s back-end and front-end teams along with our partners at Kramp, Q42, GriDD and Defigners.


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As a part of being a true Hub (/hʌb/, noun – the central or main part of something where there is most activity) our wish is to be an adhesive for the tech communities, gathering experts from the start-up, scale-up and corporate scene to exchange knowledge and create fruitful solutions.

You will find the HUB in the city centre of Utrecht, a 2 minute walk from the train into the office. Located in an old building; that used to be a trade market, it is now a vibrant place where you will find several start-ups and scale-ups. (For more information visit: Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile).